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can lidocaine or lidocaine withepinephrine be used as a lip plumper?

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for taking the time to peruse our website. Regarding your question about lidocaine with or without epinephrine, these medications would plump up the lips, but only for a very short period of time (about an hour or so). Lidocaine is usually used to numb an area (as for a procedure), and the added epinephrine is used to reduce any bleeding that might occur.

Some actresses have used saline (water with salt in the same concentration as that found in the human body) for temporary lip plumping. If you want only very temporary lip plumping, as for an event, I would recommend saline, which is safer than any medication (including lidocaine with or without epinephrine).

If you would like a more directed response, you can always fill out the information at http://chow.md/contact_form so that I can email you directly about your concerns.

I put Lidocaine 4% ointment on one side of my lip where I had a cut that stung, and they plumped up like crazy. The next day I put it on purposefully all over my lips, and they stayed plump all day. I mean this effect lasted easily for 8 hours. I have to disagree that the effect is temporary. I wonder if it would be harmful for me to use this stuff every day under my lip gloss?

Hi Mary,

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! I have emailed you about using lidocaine ointment. You may be experiencing a side effect or allergy to the medication. I recommend that you see a qualified facial plastic surgeon before continuing the use of a prescription medication in an off-label manner.

Hey I really enjoyed reading the blog. Since I also use lip plumpers, I keep on searching for things related to it.

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