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I am a 31 female and I am fortunate to have full lips. However I do have Juvederm filler into my vermillion border just to pop the upper lip, followed by a Jane Iredale lip plumper to give my lips that exta boost and color!!! It looks very natural and I have to say very sexy!!! I am a big fan of lip augmentation...it can really change your look/smile!!! I have seen people with other types of augmentation that look amazing. You just have to decide whats right for you!!!

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

Lip augmentation changes the looks completely. One of my cousins had undergone lip augmentation and the results were simply amazing. Initially, she didn't have lips, at all. But after the treatment, it changed her completely. Not only looks, but her attitude has also undergone a big change. Now she is much more confident about her looks.

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