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There are people, even non- Asians, who are born with a single lid appearance. These eyes oftentimes lack depth and definition. The features of a double eyelid produce more attractive eyes that can attract more attention. A double eyelid surgery can also make the eyes larger as it gives more apertures or it opens the eyes slightly bigger. As with the men, there are a lot of them who prefers the subtle look that a double eyelid create since it looks much brighter.

how much will it cost to have plastic surgey if a person has a crease on the left eye and a mono lid on the right ?

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Do you want your right lid to have a crease which is exactly the same as the one you have on the left eye? Or would you prefer to have higher creases in both eyes?

The best way to determine to cost of surgery is to come in for a consultation. Depending on what you need, a quote specific to addressing your cosmetic concerns will be given to you.

I guess one of those people who benefited the most from eyelid surgery are the Asians. This gives life and changes the facial features without changing completely the racial traces as some people claims.

This is a very popular surgery performed in Asia, I suppose Asians have this surgery so that they can have the popular big eyes.

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